New song “Forgiveness” released!

Hey folks, its time to open up a new chapter in Divided in Spheres.


After parting ways with our former producer, we decided to record, mix an master the next songs completely on our own. That was a pretty hard job but for the first time ever we felt that everybody was given the time he needed to record his instrument. It was also necessary because we wanted to experiment with new synthesizers and clean vocals, and the amount of that time in a normal studio would have simply killed everyones wallet. It’s the very first mix / master from our guitar player Sebastian and we all know that it does not sound like a 10.000$ production but he worked on this for almost one week and it is simply amazing for a “no budget” production.


We’d also like to thank Creadecon for producing the lyric video released on YouTube and VeVo.


You don’t have to pay for this song and you can download it legally. If you like this song and or appreciate our hard work we would be happy to see a lot of “shares” and “likes”. Also thanks to everyone who believes in us and in our music. We are just doing what we love! Pure fucking metal! #DIS


Forgiveness (Lyric Video)

Disfigured: Crossover Project with Chris Schoob and Daniel Gabler

Hi folks!

We are proud to present the latest addition to our album.

A couple of weeks back we asked some Djs to participate in a crossover projekt, making remixes of our songs.


Special thanks go out to Chris Schoob and Daniel Gabler, who did a fantastic job with their tracks.


Have a listen to what they made of our songs:


1. The Dark Passenger (Chris Schoob Remix)


The remix is available to download from Chris’ soundcloud and facebook account:


Since we really liked his remix so much we were able to strike a deal with Michael Conn from, who mastered Chris’ remix for us.

Thank you so much for supporting this project, Michael!


The second track comes from Daniel Gabler, whose remix will be recognised by all those who already had a listen to our album.


He chose to remix The Clock:


2. The Clock (Daniel Gabler Remix)


We have a couple more remixes in the pipeline, which will be released later this month!


Stay true, stay heavy!



New website online now!

Hey people, welcome to our new website!

There is no much content now, but we will fill this page in the next weeks! Please be patient and don’t forget to visit our online shop.


Stay Heavy

Divided in Spheres

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